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Transformational Truth Technique explained

There is a series of questions we can put ourselves through to determine where we are in alignment with the right and left brain (our creative and logical mind) and Source/God/Love itself. It’s like a lie detector test and helps us develop an awareness of how we are being dishonest with ourselves .  It helps show us where we still carry beliefs which are not true and that we are in denial that we believe them.

Do I think I want to allow myself to receive _______________________?
Do I feel I want to allow myself to receive ________________________?
Do I think I can allow myself to receive __________________________?
Do I feel I can allow myself to receive   __________________________?

The first & third questions, “think,” are checking the left brain [logical mind] and the second & fourth questions, “feel,” are checking the right brain [creative mind]; you answer the question “yes” or “no,” this is your conscious mind; and then you dowse your answer to see if it is “true” or “false,” checking with your unconscious mind or higher self.  [This helps you see if you are in alignment with your internal guidance.   Are you honest with yourself that you are the driving force in your life?]  It’s important to note you are not bad or wrong if not truthful, usually you’re just unaware. (Easy to correct with this now awareness!)

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“I  do not believe I am a healer, for I believe there is nothing to heal, nothing to fix, nothing to change only to remember: WE ARE LOVE!; We have an innate intelligence that knows exactly what to do and knows that LOVE will bring everything into balance; We are a perfect image of Love (God). I don’t know anything you don’t already know! I can help you change your perceptions that will result in you remembering and claiming your full potential of unconditional love. To be the LOVE you came to be to transform the world by choosing to stand for love and knowing “ONLY LOVE IS REAL”.

“I believe in the divine perfection of our creations and that what we are experiencing NOW is a result of the human consciousness that believes in separation and was here before we came.  Our future is determined by choosing love over fear no matter what.  Recognizing that the consciousness of LOVE is more powerful than any other force and is the basis of who we are. Knowing the thoughts we hold NOW determine whether our future unfolds as heaven on earth or with more pain and suffering.  It is my desire to assist you in cracking the code of misperceptions and bring forth the understanding of how and why they came about and what to do about that. How to transform life and live in the magic and miracles of unlimited possibilities, perceptions and potentials as Love does and create living in Heaven on Earth.

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