How to achieve fulfillment!

By recognizing and acknowledging in each moment the many ways, small and big, that our lives are filled with ease, joy, Love, Grace and fulfillment of all our desires we simply expand our energy in to more of the same. Be mindful and watch your life expand into more of what you focus on. What you want or don’t want, the energy flows to you as you BE it! By staying in a state of appreciation and a space of unlimited possibilities, potentials and perspectives life can unfold magically and miraculously to fulfill your greatest dreams.

Empowered vs Victim according to Matt Kahn

According to Matt Kahn, and I agree:
I love Matt’s basic philosophy; Whatever arises, love it!
A victim is one who views self as a character who doesn’t know how to give attention without something to be concerned about. One who sees life as something to be concerned about attracts a reality of endless concern to character.
An empowered being doesn’t have to be concerned about self or others in order to give loving empowered compliments.
It would be a fundamental shift from being endlessly concerned and instead being in appreciation with compliments. If we lead with compliments we will live in a more complimentary world. We are here to wake up out of the reality of concern.

New Beginnings

May today be the day we open all our hearts and drop judgements of right and wrong, bad & good, my way or your way and begin celebrating and appreciating all human beings for the way they were taught what love means. When we can see that our parents were taught conditional love and that they loved us to the best of their ability then we can recognize and take responsibility for having chosen to believe that’s what love means. In many cases love meant pain, suffering and victimhood. We forgot the true meaning of love is pleasure and freedom to co-create with the creator our own unique expression of the purest essence of love. We need to appreciate that all anyone wants is to express love by giving and receiving. We need to be clear that each of us was taught ways of conditional or limited love and not true love which has unlimited possibilities, potentials and perceptions. We learned in order to be loved we must behave in a certain way to earn it. We all forgot we are love so there is nothing to do but be love. No one can actually give or take it from you. It’s time to live life perceiving life through the eyes of pure love. Pure love sees life as unlimited choices without limitations caused by judgements of what love is. Happy, blissful, magical, magnificnt lives is wished for all! HAPPY NEW BEGINNINGS!

Rikka’s Maui Retreat Feb 5-12, 2017

Right now I’m on the Lahaina side of Maui attending my first week of a one year Life Transformed Coaching program with Rikka Zimmerman. I am beyond excited about what I am experiencing and look forward to bringing it home and sharing it and playing with anyone who wants to live in the world of magic & miracles and the freedom of opening to unlimited perspectives, potentials & possibilities.
She is, in my opinion, astoundingly clear in her thinking and knowing how we separated from knowing who we are and how to reconnect us through activations inspired by who is present.  She went deeper in her wisdom than she ever has before.  It was quite profound!  She actually sang two of her latest songs to me while I was working through clearing my field to reconnect more deeply to me.

May Your Rainbows Grow

May your rainbows grow each day and brighten your pathway to the exquisite expressions of love that you are. May you know that every thing you are experiencing that is perceived as suffering or painful is an expression of the belief in separation from Love-God-Source. Your love is the magic potion that brings you, everything and everyone home to the fullness of Love that you and everyone is meant to experience in human form.
I love you so deeply and honor your love on this journey we have come to share illuminating the light of love here and now!



Of course we’d all rather be right and happy! OK, then…if we are unhappy perhaps we should take a look at what we are wanting to be right about. The fact is we do have to be right, it is our nature.  Who of us doesn’t get into disagreements because we are set on being right. Somewhere along our physical trail we’ve decided we’re either right or wrong and by golly we’re not going to be wrong so we’ll fight to be right even if it makes us unhappy. Unfortunately this has closed the door for appreciating and allowing differences. For example, when I was growing up I fought with people all the time because I was so sure I was right.  I was not a happy child or young adult.  What I realize now is I can be right about my views and they can be right about theirs. However, on my soul searching journey, underlying all this unhappiness was a belief that if I was happy there was something wrong with me. I creatively manifested dramas to be right here.  As a result, I created a high tolerance level for being comfortably uncomfortable with being unhappy.

NOW, I am choosing to believe happiness is my natural state and, understanding the truth about what is really going on, I keep upleveling my tolerance for being happy.   So, when I am unhappy I know I have reached my tolerance level for happiness and am in the process of making myself right again about something being wrong with me if I am happy.  As soon as I notice I’m unhappy I ask myself, “Would you rather be right or happy?”  My answer is always happy.  What do I want to be right about?   It’s OK to be happy. I just need to notice which belief is most active. What about you?

Formula for manifestation

Abraham – manifestation formula shared at the London, England workshop dated 9/20/14.

1.  Write the condition – this is what I don’t want ………  Write all the negativity you feel about it.
2.  Then write if this condition were to resolve itself now…. this is how I would feel …..
3.  Our emotions are the first line of manifestation.  So the idea is to use our powerfulness to create the new vibrational environment to
     which you want the Law of Attraction to respond.
This is how we change our manifestations.  It must be done vibrationally first!

Abraham – Law of Attraction

In order to create what we want consistently, which generally is happiness, we will first have to choose to deliberately create the vibrational environment of happiness to which the Law of Attraction responds and offers like thoughts and materialistic items that our happy self appreciates which LOA brings more.

Leading Edge

We are the leading edge of what we think God/Source/Universe is.  Source becomes vibrationally it with your desire the instant it becomes whether conscious or unconscious.


Resonance with Love

Any time we have negative feelings it is always and only because we are perceiving cross ways with Source/Love.  Meaning our Source Selves are looking at the same thing we are but has an unconditional love perception while we are perceiving from a conditional love perspective.  When we feel love, happy, free, grounded, we are vibrationally resonant with Source/Love and literally are one stream.