Radiance Therapy

Integrate shifts in consciousness
Release stress
Just relax and enjoy

Radiance therapy gives your body an opportunity to integrate shifts in consciousness to the cellular level. Teri creates a space of unconditional love, and holds it for you as you bring in whatever issue(s) you are ready and willing to clarify.


COMBINE: Reiki, Shiatsu, Massage, Energy Balancing, Kalos & Harmony
ADD: All Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels & Nakupuna
STIR IN: Large doses of LOVE
MIX: Well and nurture 1 – 1 1/2 hours
PEEL: From table
GROUND: Hug to make sure they are well grounded.
FLOW ON: To meet the world with clarity, beauty, serenity and LOVE.

TRANSFORMATIONAL TRUTH TECHNOLOGY – Right/Left Brain Integration and alignment with Source Self

The power of Manifestation Shift your energy (vibration) = shift your experience!

Are there things you want or don’t want present in your life now? Things you desire to be different but you somehow seem unable to change? If there is anything about your life that you are not 100% satisfied with and want to change, (health, relationships, financial situation, etc.) Teri can help you, (using the three universal principles of manifestation; the Law of Attraction, the science of Deliberate Creation, and the Art of Allowing; four questions to access your right and left brain and your conscious and unconscious minds for thoughts that sabotage you; and dowsing to discover if you are honest with yourself,) identify and transform old patterns that keep you stuck. Holding the space of unconditional love she will help you explore and release beliefs and patterns that keep you from loving yourself unconditionally NO MATTER WHAT! It’s a fun and delightful way to clear those old beliefs and patterns and return to your natural state of joy. $120 Hr.


Teri, a Dowsing Instructor, founder of  the “Transformational Truth Technique,””The Joy of Dowsing Funshops,” and co-creator of “Dowsing Funshops and Energy Consulting Associates, LLC,” uses dowsing to assist people in determining what is most harmonious for their bodies in the way of foods, supplements, thought, energies, or whatever one might be questioning. She also teaches you how to do it for yourself.

PRIVATE SESSIONS AVAILABLE: Easily done by phone as well

Clearing and maturing up emotional responses
Dowsing for food, supplements, or any project of your choice


Teri, believing life is to enjoy, discovered through her own exploration an innovative, playful & empowering process to align with her joyful self. She has facilitated the transformation of many lives with her uplifting and refreshing wisdom, including her mom, daughter, sister and partner in life. She’s ready to share with you.
Teri is an alchemist extraordinaire and has a ministry in healing, counseling and teaching and has over 30 years’ experience, with more than twelve years conducting Funshops on dowsing and the healing arts. She has presented at ASD conferences for over fourteen years and is recognized for her dowsing skill and her understanding of the Universal Laws of Manifestation as well as many healing modalities. Teri is a survivor of polio, enviornmental illness, chronic fatigue, fibromialgia, Teflon rejection and eight near-death experiences. She is a Certified Transformed Coach (Rikka Zimmerman), a Reiki Master, a certified Kalos Facilitator, is certified in Touch for Health, Vitaflexology and Creative Healing Massage, to name a few. Her relaxed, loving style and profound understanding of the principles of well-being will make any Funshop both meaningful and transformative.

“THE JOY OF CREATING” – 2 ½ to 4 hours

What you will learn and experience:

Three Universal Laws of Manifestation
Four questions and dowsing to access:
a. R/L Brain alignment
b. Conscious & unconscious programming
c. Alignment with higher self
d. Identify & understand why you manifest what you manifest
Inspirational Ancient Wisdom
Claim the truth of who you are (Joy, Love) “No Matter What” and clear out what separates you from it.

“JOY OF DOWSING” – 3 hours

Learn Self Muscle Response Testing and “L” rods as dowsing tools along with four questions to access your right and left brain and your conscious and unconscious minds to clear thoughts and learned patterns that separate you from living fully in your joy.


Teaching the Joy of Dowsing skills, Teri will inspire you to live in your full potential of love and teach you her process to joyfully identify and clear beliefs that separate you from loving yourself unconditionally. She will demonstrate the process by clearing each participant thus providing the opportunity to experience the joy of clearing in action. You will then have the opportunity to practice with supervision yourself.

“HOW TO LIVE LIFE IN JOY” – 2 days – What you always wanted to know about how you create. THE BASICS OF MANIFESTATION.


The universal law of attraction
The science of deliberate creation
The art of allowing
Four questions that access the R/L brains &
conscious & unconscious mind to clear any
sabotaging beliefs so you can line up to receive
what you want.
Two dowsing techniques to determine if you are
honest with yourself on the above four questions.
How the universe works – what’s your responsibility
and what’s the universes. 3 step process in
manifesting our desires.


About conscious languaging and how we empower or disempower
ourselves with words and vibrational mismatches.
How to consciously reprogram.
How to determine if you master your mind or if your mind masters
you and why it’s important to choose to master your mind to align with your heart/Love.

REMEMBER that we are vibrational beings and how to best utilize this
information in manifesting.