A 46 page booklet that guides you through identifying what we believe to be true that isn’t and is what separates us from remembering we are Unconditional Love. It’s a handbook for those choosing to let go of being a victim and choosing instead to be the conscious creator they intended to be.

It’s meant to replace your conscience that criticizes and makes you wrong with a conscience that offers you acknowledgement, appreciation and gratitude based in wisdom and truth.


Teri’s Song – 1988

I walk alone, along the lonely path, until I notice I am one with all.

Then I flow along and know that I’m alive and that my life on earth is mine to live in love.

The choice is mine to make, to live in love or fear. For I create the thoughts that form my reality (illusions).

I am seeking truth to find pure happiness and create the space for peace on earth for all.

Peace on earth begins when I can love myself, drop all my judgements and love me as I am.

I am the light that shines upon the earth, an angel from a realm beyond what we call real.


Teri’s Chant – 1995

I walk upon this earth with the Grace of God (repeat)

I’m not alone ’cause God’s in me. I’m not alone ’cause we are one.

I walk upon this earth with the Grace of God (repeat)

I’m not alone ’cause God’s in me. I’m not alone ’cause we are one.


Teri’s Prayer for Well Being – 1996

I call on pure positive energy, the source of love and light, my guardian angels and spirit guides and the medical team from the non physical realms that work for love and light and ask that you support me in creating a pure vibration to flow well being to each and every cell in this physical form so that I may radiate more Pure Positive Energy and glow with an attitude of gratitude and well being. I ask to be shown how to draw those who wish to be the same into my life and how to accept those who don’t. I ask that all beliefs, perceptions and judements that would have it otherwise be restructured. I ask that this take place now on all levels of time and space, dimensions and inner dimensions. So be it. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your love and support.


Teri’s Food Blessing – 1996

I give thanks to all who had a hand in preparing this food.

I thank this food for giving it’s life in service to me so that I may in turn serve with more love and light on this planet.

I ask and give thanks that this food be repolarized and that the vibration rate be such as to be in perfect harmony with this body.

I ask and give thanks that this food nourish and energize every cell in this body so I might shine with vitality, well being and an attitude of gratitude as I radiate my beingness on this planet.

So let it be!


I Just Show Up – 3/23/97

I am that “I am” and I’m a perfect me.

When you are open for love and support I JUST SHOW UP!

You are “I am” and you are a perfect you.

When I am open for love and support YOU JUST SHOW UP!

It’s all so perfect and divinely guided. All I need do is surrender and not try to hide it.

The deceit begins when I forget there is “good” in all things,

Then I experience a perception that creates life’s pains.

I see “no good” in pain which I created which then starts a chain of pain and I have an empty cup.

I now know not to judge my experience; All I need do is JUST SHOW UP and CHOOSE again!

I am simply life force expressing through me

And all I need do is JUST SHOW UP!