My Gift To Me

Laying here waking up in my lovely studio condo at Kahana Falls feeling much gratitude for creating this lovely retreat site for myself while attending my first week of a year long program for Rikka’s Life Transform Coaching program. I’ve chosen to stay here alone because I have never taken a personal retreat before. I decided to gift myself the space to be with me as I evolve and transform over this week . She is amazing❣ I am amazing❣ You are amazing❣ Humankind is amazing❣ Our belief that we are separate from Love/God/all that is, is amazing❣ It is astounding to be awakening from the illusion of victimhood. I’m so glad I have done so much already on my own but she has cracked the code completely and is brainwashing us back to remembering we are all there is……LOVE❣. All that is itself expressing, creating and expanding thru me and you and humankind❣ Most of all, we are not victims we are powerful creators and we get to chose LOVE or FEAR in each moment of our human existence. I am loving feeling my resistances come up so I can make another choice how to perceive NOW. Now I see in any situation present or past we have infinite possibilities, potentials, and perspectives available to choose how we want to see any situation and create more love or more fear in the NOW moment. The choice is always there and there is no right or wrong, bad or good. Results are HEAVEN on earth (light, fun, playful, loving, etc.) or HELL (pain, suffering, grief, sad, anger, etc.). The choice is ours and can be made consciously or unconsciously, either way we are creating. Being aware you have conscious choice is the key to freedom!
I am loving me loving you loving me❣❤

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