About Teri

About Teri

Teri is an alchemist extraordinaire! She is proficient at transmuting fear-based realities to love based realities. She is adept at identifying old beliefs, perceptions, patterns and energies that keep creating realities based in fear. Through learning how to appreciate the old patterns, beliefs, etc. she can help you transform them into perceptions, beliefs, patterns and energies that create a reality based in love.

Using the power of the mind, knowledge, wisdom, dowsing and 4 questions which accesses the right/left brain, the conscious and unconscious minds we can joyfully clear misperceptions and misunderstandings that hold us in old patterns and keeps us from remembering we are LOVE.

Teri has the ability to hold the energy of love and light. Without judgment, she gently guides you in and out of your stories so you can see how you wove your own patterns and that the only judgment that really exists is yours. This, you can change.

You set the pace with your stories and thoughts and she assists you in remembering the difference between illusion and truth.

Teri will assist you in remembering and experiencing the freedom that living in Truth brings us.

Choose to move back into your natural state of beingness – joyful, happy, peaceful, childlike and trusting. Remember what you forgot.

When you remember you will feel more in tune with life and your experiences will be smoother. You will have more clarity. Decision-making will be more easeful. You will experience life with a sense of anticipation and excitement. You will know that when you are experiencing life this way, you are in alignment with your essence.

Teri Mister has a commitment to life and has survived six near-death experiences. Four of those experiences were health related and effectively led her to a path of integrating body, mind and spirit and she is prepared to share her knowledge.

Through her commitment to knowing the truth about living and survival, by taking responsibility for creating her reality, she created a path that has led her to knowledge and wisdom about how to easily and efficiently take responsibility for and how to take care of oneself.

Teri holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Recreation. She is a Reiki Master and has a ministry in healing, counseling, teaching and fun. Teri has earned certification in a wide variety of wellness-related areas including:

Kalos Health Facilitator
Biomagnetic Healing Methodology
Neuro-muscular Restructuring
Creative Healing Massage
Touch For Health
The Quantum Leap Process

Teri has also studied Abraham for the last 20 years, Shiatsu, Regenesis, vibrational medicine, and the holographic theories. She understands and has lived live food theories and food preparation. Has studied and applied many different diet theories and is well versed on nutritional concepts. She taught guitar (basic classical and finger-picking folk music) for a decade. Teri has many skills and talents. She loves to work with people who are committed to loving themselves unconditionally, no matter what (but have forgotten how), and are willing to hang out with themselves, with Teri as their loving mirror (guide), and together they intuitively move into whatever will guide them to remember the truth of who they are! (Radiant light beings of unconditional LOVE!)