I am seeking guidance and counsel for my well being from Teri Mister, a Wellness Coach.

Teri agrees to instruct and support me in allowing my innate intelligence to do what it needs to do to keep my body in balance. She will assist me through the mazes of my beliefs to see patterns that I may choose to switch and will guide me to uncover what I need to know or do to be responsible for my own well being.

I am looking to Teri to discover new perceptions about how my beliefs and behaviors affect my wellness and I am open to look at life from a frame of reference based on possibilities and experimentation.

I further acknowledge that I am taking responsibility for my well being by seeking to gain greater insight into the effects of my beliefs and behaviors on my state of wellness.
I understand that a Wellness Coach does not diagnose or treat but uses a variety of modalities, including applied Kinesiology and dowsing, to communicate with the body to facilitate an awareness of how to determine what the body needs or wants to be operating at optimum efficiency.

I further understand and acknowledge that a Wellness Coach has many modalities and skills which allow intuition to guide the client to the most appropriate means to assist him/her to his/her own high state of well being.

Topics to be covered may include:

nutrition and diet
behaviors and beliefs
exercise and rest
electrical imbalances
chakra balancing
Bach flower remedies
right/left brain integration
emotional release
creative healing techniques

I agree to take full responsibility for the choices I make and the results achieved by those choices.