“Teri has conducted workshops, led classes and consulted, on an individual basis, with many members of our congregation including myself. I can say, without reservation, that Teri is Spiritually led and committed to the Spiritual path. She is a dynamic leader in the field of New Thought — speaks metaphysical Truth and walks her talk.
I find Teri to be a woman of integrity who speaks with authority because she has experienced the results of the concepts she teaches. She is clear and easy to understand. She comes from the heart and embraces everyone with love and compassion.”
— Rev. T. Bonaccorso, Carlsbad Unity Church, Carlsbad, CA

“Having Teri Mister as a Wellness Coach has had a profound affect on my life. Her insight, support, love and skill have provided what I have needed to make some of the most powerful and challenging changes in my life.”
— K. W. Meade, Life Coach, Writer, Public Speaker, Maui, HI

“In Teri’s presence I feel very alive. My life’s questions surface the answers spring forth clearly for me to create new perceptions and thus make new choices in my life to bring forth more joy and happiness.”
— V. Underwood, Human Being/Massage Therapist, Maui, HI

“Thank you for being a wonderful person who can hold the space of love – to me you are magic and so much more. I’ll remember to pet the cat when I get in a mood to do it all by myself. I’m allowing myself to have it all.”
— L. Seeley, Maui, HI

“Wow! What a difference a phone call makes. I’m grateful for your knowledge and victimless technique.”
— C. Clark, Flagstaff, AZ

“I am writing to thank you for taking the time to sit with me and help me work through some of life issues I’ve been grappling with. You awakened a loving, fearless, hopeful part of myself which had been subsurved by all the concerns I had. It was a magical shift from fear to faith and greater awareness. I’ve also been working with the dowsing technique you shared with me. It’s a very useful tool.”
— T. Cohen-Mitchell, Schutesbury, MA

“Thanks from the bottom of my heart for sharing your wisdom and giving your gifts. It was a turning point for me in terms of clearing out some old negativity no longer needed and I have been making some major life changes since then.”
— Evie, Schutesbury, MA

“Thank you so much for the work that you did with me today – I do feel “shifted” and NOW I REMEMBER!!! Thank you for holding the space. Thanks for the high quality energy that you stand in.”
— J. Bailey, Shutesbury, MA

“I thought you might like to know…that after our class and you did a clearing exercise on me regarding money…I received a call that a large case settled for my family and as part of the payment to me…ALL my law school loans and other debts are paid off…not bad…”
— A. Fallon, Saipan

“Just to let you know I’ve been reading your little book every day – just to remember!”
— C. Celia, Vista, Ca.