My Gift To Me

Laying here waking up in my lovely studio condo at Kahana Falls feeling much gratitude for creating this lovely retreat site for myself while attending my first week of a year long program for Rikka’s Life Transform Coaching program. I’ve … Continue reading

Empowered vs Victim according to Matt Kahn

According to Matt Kahn, and I agree:
I love Matt’s basic philosophy; Whatever arises, love it!
A victim is one who views self as a character who doesn’t know how to give attention without something to be concerned about. One who sees life as something to be concerned about attracts a reality of endless concern to character.
An empowered being doesn’t have to be concerned about self or others in order to give loving empowered compliments.
It would be a fundamental shift from being endlessly concerned and instead being in appreciation with compliments. If we lead with compliments we will live in a more complimentary world. We are here to wake up out of the reality of concern.