New Beginnings

May today be the day we open all our hearts and drop judgements of right and wrong, bad & good, my way or your way and begin celebrating and appreciating all human beings for the way they were taught what love means. When we can see that our parents were taught conditional love and that they loved us to the best of their ability then we can recognize and take responsibility for having chosen to believe that’s what love means. In many cases love meant pain, suffering and victimhood. We forgot the true meaning of love is pleasure and freedom to co-create with the creator our own unique expression of the purest essence of love. We need to appreciate that all anyone wants is to express love by giving and receiving. We need to be clear that each of us was taught ways of conditional or limited love and not true love which has unlimited possibilities, potentials and perceptions. We learned in order to be loved we must behave in a certain way to earn it. We all forgot we are love so there is nothing to do but be love. No one can actually give or take it from you. It’s time to live life perceiving life through the eyes of pure love. Pure love sees life as unlimited choices without limitations caused by judgements of what love is. Happy, blissful, magical, magnificnt lives is wished for all! HAPPY NEW BEGINNINGS!

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